About us

There is a rather efficient and professionally hidden secret many keep looking for, and, along their journey of seek, they discover other small mysteries.

The truffle chose its own trackers by having had its own token engraved in itself.

Spouses Anita and Kvinto are guards of the Soviscina inspiration and have been providing the world and lives of generations for centuries with the inspirational gift of truffles. The truffles have become a business , love and a way of life in the families of Anita and Kvinto Zigante as well as in the Puh family.

Natura truffles are proud to have their own family business which offers a wide range of truffle products owing to its magic skills.

An important fact to mention is that each family product is filled with finely selected and the best raw materials, and as a result of hard work, love and responsibility each member contributes to the family business. Thus it is very well said that "Whenever you give your best, it comes back to you".

Nearly half century of experience in the truffle business, acquired knowledge and the respect for this underground mushroom with cult validate how Natura Ltd. Guarantees its customers high quality fresh truffles and an exceptional aspect of any truffle product from the brand of Natura truffles.

The joy of familiarity in truffle hunt and knowing some secrets meant love for those who had experience, yet, on the other hand, sorrow for the ignorant, thus prompted the idea of initiating taste-bound adventures of truffle gathering and organizing school presentations with a focus on truffles.

We become familiar with the greatest secrets while tracing the small ones.

For instance, the mystery of truffles, which has strewed in the meadows Buzeština, starts intriguing your imagination, enriches your gastronomy, and brings you into the realm of the most famous aphrodisiac in the world.

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