Hunting truffles

Many people would be specially interested in the action of hunting on truffles, an adventure in which, in the company of the host, one can become immersed in, and with one of the six species of truffle hounds, that are in Daniella Puh' s ownership. During this roaming anyone who would like to plunge into the secrets of truffle hunting , will continuously get involved in the milieu of dense bushes and close -set branches, feel all the enchantments and beauties of the hunt, while the forest is quiet, comforting, and when adrenaline reaches its climax, due to the discovery of truffles. However, when the forest isn't so fabulous, one could feel the less joyful side of the activity, or when there is no hunt and forest is ruled by rain, mud and coldness.


The Buzeštine forest, habitat of the king of the gastronomy and Natura truffles, like the station of this non-trivial underground fungus is the unfailing sources of ideas, but in the end the tasting room is on the family estate, where there is the seat that presents the courageous truffle- and seekers finding pleasure in consuming truffle products-along with delicious desserts and good wines.