The show about the beauty of Istria for 3 million likes

World renown adventurer, member of the jury of UK's Masterchef television show program, TV host and singer Donal Skehan with his TV crew has embarked with us into Truffle hunting.

After successful Truffle hunt we have set down into our Truffle Showroom to let our palates give up to the truffle tastes. Donal has even gave him self into preparing scrambled eggs with truffles (the way we Natura tartufi do it) right in front of TV cameras with pure delight and smile on his face. Did we have a great time, has Donal learned plenty about our wonderful Istria, we shall all see when the show will be assembled and mastered for public audience.

The show is going to be broadcasted on Food Channel in 130 countries and in 14 different languages.

We can barley wait!!!

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