Aiming at not to be limited only within the field of production, Natura Ltd. has decided to deconstruct the classic story about truffles and spice it with an innovative guise. The decision is based on offering different, contemporary and modern presentation of truffles. Therefore, it has arranged a special tasting room so that customers can taste truffles in Croatia, in which, truffle, in both realistic and symbolic context, will decide.


Namely, in the beautiful surrounding, which brings together the perfect harmony of scent and audio-visual atmosphere, evokes the Kingdom of Truffles, where the contributing members of the business organize free degustation and a short education program. In a nicely designed ambience, each guest gets to know something about truffles, taste and buy them. Finally, the story is set and the customer is satisfied. Curious guests who decide to return for a truffle hunt are welcome and will be rewarded with truffle products, fine truffle desserts and good wine the tasting room offers. Who could resist such a pleasure?